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[初二英语作文怎么写] 初二英语怎么学


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  1-1 对立法 : 先引出其他人的不同看法,然后提出自己的看法或者偏向于某一看法,适用于有争议性的主题.


  [1]. When asked about....., the vast/overwhelming majority of people say that ....... But I think/view a bit differently.

  [2]. When it comes to .... , some people believe that ....... Others argue/claim that the opposite/reverse is true . There is probably some truth in both arguments / statements , but (I tend to the former / latter ...)

  [3] Now, it is commonly / generally / widely believed/ held / acknowledged that .... They claim/believe/argue that ... But I wonder/doubt whether.....

  [4]. There is a public( general / much ) debate (discussion/ controversy) today (/ nowadays)on(/ about / over/ as to )the problem (/ issue)of….. Those who criticize (/oppose/ object to …… )contend (/ argue )that ….. They believe that …… But people who advocate (/ favor ) ….. , on the other hand, maintain (/ assert ) that……

  [5] Now , it is commonly (/ generally / widely) believed(/ thought / held / accepted / felt / recognized / acknowledged) that ……They claim( / believe / argue)that ……But I wonder (/ doubt) whether……

  [6] To the general public (/ To most people / In the popular mind /

  In most people’s opinion ),…… But despite ( / in spite of / for all ) I believe ( / one should ) ……

  [7] Now a lot of ( / the majority of / many / most ) people believe (/ think / feel ) that …… But although (/ Admittedly) , …… there is no / little evidence ( / it is questioned / doubted) that……

  [8] ……In reaction ( / response / answer)to the event ( / phenomenon / idea/ question), some people say (/ think )…… But do they realize……?

  [9] These days we often hear about …..They claim( argue / say )that …… But has (/ is ) it ? Close examination (/ analysis / scrutiny(详细审查) doesn’t bear out the claim (/ arguement)

  [10] We are often shown ( / told ) these days that ……But is this really the case ?

  1-2 现象法 引出要剖析的现象或者问题, 然后评论 .

  e.g [1]. Recently the rise in problem of/(phenomenon of) ... has cause/aroused public/popular/wide/worldwide concern.

  [2]. Recently the issue of the problem of/the phenomenon of ...has been brought into focus. ( has been brought to public attention / posed among the genera public / in the limelight )

  [3].Inflation/Corruption/Social inequality ... is yet another of the new and bitter truth we have to learn to face now/constan幼儿长时间的使用药物治疗癫痫病,会有影响吗?tly.

  [4] In recent ( / the past ) 5 years, many cities (/ nations / people ) have been faced / plagued(折磨 、使苦恼 / troubled with) (experienced ( / witnessed / undergone)) the / an / a serious problem of (/ acute shortage of / alarming increase in )……

  [5] One of the searching ( / burning(极严重的) / pressing(紧迫的) / interesting ) questions / problems facing (/ confronting ) our nation / society / world today is

  [6] one of the biggest issues (/ hottest topics / most popular things / most serious problems) many people talk / complain about now is

  [7] Now / perhaps most dangerous (/ undesirable / harmful ) for our notion(society / world / college ) is the trend (/ tendency / phenomenon) of ….. which is apparent (/ obvious evident / pervasive / rampant猖獗的 / under way进行中) in ……

  [8] Inflation/ Corruption/ Social inequality is yet another of the new bitter truths we have to learn to face now / constantly

  1-3 观点法 ----开门见山,直接了当地提出自己对要讨论的问题的看法.

  e.g: [1]. Never history has the change of .. been as evident as ... Nowhere in the world/China has the issue/idea of .. be more visible/popular than...

  [2].Now people in growing/significant numbers are beginning / becoming to realize/accept/(be aware) that...

  [3].Now there is a growing awareness/recognition of the necessity to......

  Now people become increasingly aware/conscious of the importance of ......

  [4]. Perhaps it is time to have a fresh look at the attitude/idea that.......

  1-4 引用法 ----- 先引出名人名言或者有代表性的看法, 来引出文章要展开论述的观点!

  e.g:[1]. "Knowledge is power." such is the remark made by Bacon. This remark has been shared by more and more people .

  "Education is not complete with graduation." Such is the opinion of a great American philosopher. Now more and more people share his opinion.

  [2] one of the great early men / writers/ philosophers / scientists said (wrote / remarked) that …. If this is true / the case, then present / current view ( value / attitude / situation) should make us wonder whether (ponder over)…

  [3]“…….”That’s how one college student (official / housewife) described/ commented / complained / criticized . He / she is hardly alone in the experience / many people have shared the experience like this.

  [4]"........." How often we hear such statements/words like those /this .In our own days we are used to hearing such traditional

  complains as this "......".

  [5]”……” The same idea / complaint / attitude is voiced / echoed/ shared by ……

  1-5 比较法 ------ 通过对过去,现在 两种不同的倾向,观点的比较 , 引出文章要讨论的观点.

  e.g:[1]. For ye癫痫病大发治疗ars, ...had been viewed as ... But people are taking a fresh look now. With the growing ... , people .......

  [2]. People used to think that ... (In the past, ....) But people now share this new .

  1-6 故事法 ---- 先讲一个较短的故事来引发读者的兴趣, 引出文章的主题.

  e.g:[1]. Once in (a newspaper) , I read of/learnt .... The phenomenon of... has aroused public concern.

  [2]. I have a friend who ... Should he .... ? Such a dilemma we are often confront with in our daily life.

  [3]. Once upon a time , there lived a man who ... This story may be (unbelievable) , but it still has a realistic significance now.

  1-7问题法 ----- 先用讨论或解答的设问, 引出自己观点, 适用于有争议性的话题.

  e.g: Should/What ...... ? Options of ... vary greatly , some ..., others ...But in my opinion , ...... .



  1学英语的话阅读是非常重要的。尤其是反复读,最好能出口成诵,这样的话效果暂时虽然看不出,但不久后就很明显:做题语感好,轻松;阅读的话也是很快就能理解并做出题目,此外 单词也能迅速的记忆下来~然后就是句子,必须上课认真听讲以确保每个句型能随看随说出,这样写作文或是短句都能迅速高效地写出精彩的句子!


  1. 学会运用复合句




  1.注意人称、时态、格式。2.文章分成2-3个段落。3.使用简单的句子。4、寻找同义或近义词代替不会翻译的内容。5.写完草稿要审查,避免出现简单的错误。如:I like doing sth 写成I like do sth情态动词和不跟单词原形等。6.书面工整无涂抹。














  (4)听写句子或文章。听写是课堂中最简便的写作训练形式之一,对学生有目的的进行一些词组和句子的听写,它在提高写作能力的同时,也提高听力了水平,还可以检查学生对知识的理解程度。使学生的理解能力、记忆能力和传递信息能力不断提高。总之,从单词、短语、到句子逐步过渡是培养学生英语写作能力的基础。 2.说写训练相结合


  3.墙养学生的写作方法和技巧 (1)认真审题,确定文体,主要时态。根据题中的信息和学生一起分析判断,明确要写的文章体裁,然后采取列提纲的方法,将所有的知识要点写在草纸上,根据内容、题材,确定时态,并注意每种时态易错的问题。 (2)搜索素材,组织要点。和学生一起围绕要点展开思维联想,尽量做到要点齐全,要点不全,就留有扣分之隙。

  (3)拟定草稿,初步成文。根据文体和篇章的要求组织语言,和学生.起把各个要点连起来串联使其初步组成文,串联时可适当用一些表逻辑关系的连词,如:but、and、so that、first、finally等,做到通顺连贯,表达得体。 (4)语言准确,句子灵活。所谓句子准确是指文章无语言及单词错误,正确运用语言是写好英语作文的关

  键,要求学生运用学过的熟悉的词汇、短语、句型,语言表达要符合英语的表达习惯。一篇好的文章还取决于句子的灵活多样,富于变化。如果文章中自始自终用的是单一句型,文章则会过于平淡,不会引起读者的兴趣。 4.要求学生坚持写作,教师及时批改


  作文的批改对学生的写作是否提高有很大影响。教师批改作文要及时,也需要有技巧,对于写作中出现的普遍问题,要在课堂上讲解、分析,个别问题要以面批或让学生互评的方式解决。批改时,可把错误划出,让学生自己动手改错,这样,教师节省了时间,学生则通过动脑和动手改正而印象深刻,从而提高学生的写作能力。 总之,学生写作能力的培养和提高,就要培养学生良好的学习习惯,要重视词、短语、造句的理解记忆,对课文中优秀的对话和篇章要背诵熟读,多做翻译、改写和仿写练习,结合课文进行各种体裁的写作训练。只有坚持不懈,持之以恒,,从学生实际出发,从严要求,加强训练,有计划、有步骤地进行,才能得到预期的效果。





  “三连”即连句成文。根据短文的内容要求,确定先写什么,后写什么,按照表述内容的情节发展和实际需要,重新排列组合已写成的 句子,划分必要的段落,一般分成三段。但要注意句式的灵活运用,长、短句,简单句,复合句要搭配运用。

  “四改”即修改润色全文。主要是看全文符不符合题目要求,行文是否流畅,有没有遗漏要点;语法是不是正确,包括单词的拼写、大小写、标点符号、时态、语态、单复数、主谓一致、冠词等。 *总之做到三审:体裁、时态、人称; 三思:词汇—>短语—>句式;







  A. Just as every coin has two sides, cars have both advantages and disadvantages.

  B. Compared to letters, e-mails are more convenient.

  C. Opinions are divided on the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city and in the countryside.

  D. As we all know, computers have played an important role/part in our daily life.

  E. Why do you go to university? Different people have different points of view.

  F.With the development of internet… more and more popular…

  G. As a student

  K. as an old saying goes….



  He is very young. he can’t go to school.

  He is too young to go to school.


  He is very clever. He can work out the problem.

  He is so clever that he can work it out the problem.

  He is clever enough to work out the problem.

  3.not only...but also...

  4.It has many advantages . First, 优点1… Besides, 优点2…

  5.However, every coin癫痫病会对大脑造成哪些损伤 has two sides. It also brings us bad influences. On the one hand, 缺点1… On the other hand, 缺点2…

  She not only plays well, but also writes music.


  Not only the students but also their teacher is enjoying the film.


  4. It is important(easy,hard,possible,good,bad…)for sb. To do sth.

  还有rather…than… not…until… as well as…慢慢的补充


  first, firstly, second, secondly, third,thirdly, to begin with, to start with, what is more, last, also, and then, next, besides At first; at last; in the end… then/next/after that…

  when/while/as soon as/not… until…

  in addtion finally On one hand ....on the other hand, each/one coin has two sides,

  2)表转折;but, however, though, although, after all, in spite of, fortunately,unfortunately,at the same time…

  3)表递近:in addition, besides, moreover, what`s more

  4)因果 because, so, because of, thanks to, due to,for, since, owing to, as a result(of), hence, thus

  5)例证 for example, for instance, such as

  6)表示利弊的:be good/bad for sb.; be harmful to sb.; do harm to sb.; …have great/much influence on sb.; sth. benefit sb.; sb benefit from sth.; affect; have an effect on sb.;

  表示喜爱的:love/like/enjoy…; be fond of…; be interested in…; show great interest in…; lose oneself in…; put one’s heart into…;

  7)总结 As I see, As for me ,As we all know, in general, generally speaking, I think..., in fact , in a word, in brief, in conclusion, in short, in summary, to sum up,


  I will work hard to make my dream come true. It takes sb. +时间+to do…

  Sb. spend(某种人称时态)+时间/钱+on sth./ (in) doing sth.

  It’s important/necessary/useful/useless/common…(for sb.) to v…

  It’s nice/kind of sb. to v..

  It’s time for sb. to do sth. It’s a waste of time to…

  It’s …years/days since sb. +ved

  It’s great fun to do=sb. have great fun doing

  It’s a pity that… It’s an honor to…

  I’m/We’re not allowed to …

  I’m afraid of making mistakes… There be …doing…

  Great changes have taken place in… sth is/are well worth v-ing.

  It seems/seemed that… It seems (im)possible to v… It is said that…

  …and …. are different in many ways.

  too + adj./adv. to do There are many differences between … and …

  写作:随着社会的发展,小汽车越来越普遍,有人说方便,有人说它污染环境等等。请你写一篇作文表达你对小汽车的看法。(pollution n 污染 traffic accident交通事故

  convenient adj. 方便的 )